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Live Band Workshops

Live Band Workshops at RockStars Music Studios provide the best music performance experience anywhere in Orange County, California for guitar, bass, drums, piano and voice.Live Band Workshops is yet another service that sets RockStars apart from all the rest. As our students progress on their instruments, it is vital that they gain experience playing in a live band setting. Our Live Band Workshops group students of like age and ability together, giving them an opportunity to perform their favorite songs with a band, meet other musicians in their age group, and learn valuable performance secrets from professional musicians.
From the late 50’s and early 60’s with Elvis, Motown, The Beatles and the British Invasion to the Classic Rock God’s of the 70’s like Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, through the 80’s Electro, Power Pop, and Hair Bands, and all the way to the 90’s alternative and the new generations of music, everything our students are exposed to teach both the history of rock ’n roll and how to perform it — live, and on stage at a professionally produced rock concert. The rewards of this program are endless!
Below is a brief description of the group and some reasons why we believe it is a great program for just about anybody.

Live Band Workshops are a compliment to guitar lesson, drum lesson, bass lessons, piano lessons and voice lessons for students in Orange County, CaliforniaWho Can Join

We are constantly auditioning new guitarists, bassists, pianists, and drummers of all ages for our groups. To schedule an audition please call (714) 962-8525 or Have a representative from RockStars Music contact you.

Why should I want to be a part of this group?

There are plenty of reasons we could list, but here are the most important three:

1. Personal Development: Our performing groups are not just challenged to learn a song part. They are taught about accountability, responsibility, being a responsible member of a team, and how to constantly work to better yourself through music. They are immediately taken out of their comfort zone and brought to a new level of performance experience and ability.
2. Preparation for Advanced Performance Groups: If your are considering an audition for APA, OCHSA, or any high school performance group, you will not survive without the skills taught in these workshops. All incoming APA students are not given lead parts on songs, and most of the time, they are only assigned to understudy shows. Very rarely are underclassmen given the opportunity to perform at a main stage show. With RockStars, our Live Band Workshop Groups perform ten to thirty minute sets of music at our professionally produced RockStar Concerts. The experience of live performance is the best preparation tool any musician can have.
3. RockStars Concerts: If you’ve dreamed of being able to perform at some of the most coveted venues in Huntington Beach and Orange County, then our RockStars Concerts are the only way to get there. Our RockStars Bands will be featured performers in all upcoming RockStars Live Concerts at venues like The Bella Terra Amphitheater, The Rose Center Theater, Huntington Beach Pier Plaza, and many more! If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call (714) 962-8525 or Have a representative from RockStars Music contact you.